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Team Logos
  • 2003

    Foundation of Logos Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsges.m.b.H. by Michael Rab, Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor. Auditing  financial statements and funds within the Raiffeisen sector.

  • 2007

    Michael Rab’s shares transferred to Michael Laminger and Johannes Leitner. Michael Laminger and Alexandra Wurm take  over the management of Logos. Strategical redirection  to include clients outside  the Raiffeisen sector. 

    The first quality audit of Logos under the Austrian Audit Quality Management Law (AQSG) confirmed Logos’ satisfying performance.

  • 2009 

    As a result of the foundation of Credo Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsges.m.b.H. by Michael Laminger, his shares were  transferred to Alexandra Wurm. The tax business of Logos was handed  to Credo. Logos now focuses on its core competences -- audit of financial statements and audit-related services.

  • 2012

    Simone Luschnik is named an  authorized representative.

  • 2013 

    On the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we are proud of our stable and growing customer relationships. The quality of our services was confirmed again in the third external audit by Audit Quality Management Law (AQSG).

  • 2014

    Hans-Peter Winter joined management of Logos.

  • 2017

    Transfer of all shares of Logos to Alexandra Tychi.

  • 2018

    Our 15th anniversary is a good reason to refresh  our website.

    We would like to say thank you for your confidence in us. We are proud to contribute to your success with our services. We are delighted to get wiser each year  together with our team and you, our customers.

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You would like to contact us? Here you will find all the necessary information. We look forward to you!

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